Theme Warriors #05 One & Done Actor-Directors

ThemeWarriorsLogo5Hello & welcome back to the Theme Warriors podcast!

It’s great to be back with regularly scheduled shows for the first time in awhile. On this episode we take a look at Actors who go behind the camera, but…….there’s a catch (isn’t there almost always with this show?) They only directed a single movie. Why you ask?  Well for various different reasons which we also discuss a little bit as well. So won’t you please give a listen as we discuss Der Verlorene, Beware the Blob, Quick Change, & Nothing but Trouble.  There are some strong opinions out there about these movies, but that doesn’t always translate to what our cast of film enthusiasts think.  What surprise opinions will this episode hold? Find out now…….!

Theme Warriors Cast
Tonight’s Cast:
Mike Maryman
Doug Tilley
Jeff X Martin