Theme Warriors #06 The Show Must Go On

themewarriorslogo6Welcome back loyal listeners,

Apologies for the delay once again. As you will hear right about the exact middle of the show, there was quite the situation for one of the cast members that forced us to postpone some of the recording.  Thankfully, all is now well and our latest episode is ready for your ear-holes.  Sometimes when movies are being filmed the unthinkable happens, tragedy.  Most of the time, without warning. However, as the old saying goes “The Show Must Go On” and each movie finds it’s own way to not only to deal with the tragedy, but also film to completion. This month’s theme are movies in which the actor and/or actress passed away before they were released. Join us as we discuss, GIANT, BRAINSTORM, 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER, and POLTERGEIST 3!

Theme Warriors Cast
Tonight’s Cast:
Mike Maryman
Doug Tilley
Jeff X Martin

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  1. We watch shows on TV, watch movies, watch cartoons, everything, what we gain from them – Entertainment only! Think of it, the shows represent our culture, our lifestyle and knowing about our-self is only done through history, such shows reflect the history.

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