Troma’s Honky Holocaust (2014) Movie Review

honky holocaustWe get an introduction from Troma head honcho and all round wacky guy Lloyd Kaufman giving anecdotes Schindlers List and having Honky Holocaust sitting above that film. It’s quite a funny introduction and sort of like watching a drunk Uncle at Christmas from afar.

The film itself is a low budget independent exploitation film that centers around today’s social and racial issues though taking on a different perspective. Following The Manson Family after initiating a race war (the narration over Charlie Manson putting together his Family is hilarious) things are different after they come out of solitude from a bunker after Charlie’s demise. Charlie’s right hand man, Dan, now the successor wants to take back what’s theirs and takes on the new World. Once they come out of their underground bunker they come across a tree which has a couple of people hung from a tree and showing a certain area of the body where maggots are stirring about. This sets Dan off as the Family steams off to the City. Here they across a group of the new rulers and a fight breaks out in which we see lots of blood, gore and flying body parts. The story then follow Charlie’s Daughter, Kendra after she gets separated from the Family after the fight. Here we follow her journey of survival and personal change.

Now it’s hard to say without tongue in cheek to say that this is a somewhat serious film though there is some very good political viewpoints within. Acting is well above average of what you would normally expect from a Troma film. It’s still filled with all the Troma gore, blood & flying genital parts that they have become renowned for.

Overall, I thought Writer and Director Paul M McAlarney did a very good job with the film. It had a political tone to it, there was silly moments, hilarious dialogue, wacky outfits, lots of gore, blood and flying body parts. Entertaining and well worth the watch.

You can watch this film at Troma Now.