TSC 102 A Very Lovecraftian Show

102A Very Lovecraftian Show

0:00 – 11:00
The Crew starts the show off with a few corrections from the previous show “Horror 101”.

11:00 – 32:00
Adam Green makes his 4th appearance on the show! This time he talks about 3 controversial topics… Is he going to direct the next Halloween? That news has gone viral, is there any truth to it? Find out! Adam casts a well known actor for his mockumentary “Digging up the Marrow”, what is his response to his critics casting decision? Is Adam gonna get better at handling criticism? Lastly Adam wants to go ahead with Holliston Season 3, how will the loss of Oderus impact him?

34:00 – 58:00
The Crew has some more run-ins with more internet nut jobs. A guys obsessed with Halloween Resurrection (as hard as that is to believe) and a Alex and Jamie hater.

58:00 – 1:54:00
H.P. Lovecraft expert Brian M. Sammons stops by to educate us on Lovecraft and what his work is all about and who it influenced.

1:55:00 – 2:42:00
Michael J. made a follow up to Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers in 1996 titled “The Death of Michael Myers” The Crew reviews the movie along with Mike! Good times!
Watch the movie yourself here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1hyYN2K64M

2:43:00 – End
The Crew wraps up the show

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