TSC 104 Top 5 Horror Franchises of All Time

104BannerTop 5 Horror Franchises of All Time

0:00 – 19:00
The Crew starts up the show with some Crew community stuff. Nightmare on Elm St. rap
song and some crazy rap song Alex made in 2006.

20:00 – 22:00
Listener Letters!

22:00 – 1:03:00
Alex, Jamie and Dave Z. give their Top 5 Horror Franchises of All Time!

1:03:00 – 1:36:30
An asshole mod god Darnell Weeks (admin of Horror in Haddonfield) screwed over Alex
and Dave a month ago. The boys talked about it on BananaLaser and they got a video
response full of lies. It was time to confront him face to face, the Crew calls him
and he calls back into the show! Dont just blindly take our side of the
situation…. hear the truth for yourself!

1:37:00 – 1:56:00
Jamie and Dave Z. give a NON SPOILER review of It Follows and then Unfriended!

1:57:00 – End
The Crew wraps it up with news of the Retrospective that will begin on show #105!

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