TSC #26 Top 3 Greatest Horror Villains

The Skeleton Crew #26 Top 3 Greatest Horror Villains

Once again we start things off with two more questions for
our Halloween 4 & 5 Blu-ray Giveaway! Don’t forget to sent your answers to:


After that we get into some “Listener Letters”. We
give our thoughts on a very bizarre question.


Then we talk about possible upcoming retrospectives


After that this weekend is the 14th anniversary of one of
Michael J’s epic films, which you can watch on YouTube starting this Saturday!


Return of the Living Dead


Michael J’s first email interview, and his feelings on zombie


Alex’s bizarre video on YouTube! Does he really stab a movie
to death?


After a break, we each get into our top 3 horror villains. You won’t be able to
guess our picks. You’ll also hear listener voicemails with their picks!


We wrap things up with more “HorrorBid Headlines”!
This week’s topics include: A Prequel To The Shining?, The Tall Man staring
Jessica Biel is on VOD now, Dark Shadows and more hit Blu-ray and DVD, and much


Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

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