TSC #34 Halloween Treats from Justin Beahm

Halloween Treats from Justin Beahm

0:01 – 12:00
We start off the show discussing Alex’s Halloween film “The Ghost of Michael Myers”!
Some funny inside information revealed!

12:25 – 23:00
What does the future hold for “House of Horror” podcast?

24:00 – 47:00
The Crew goes over the ins and outs of Halloween H2O brought to you by listener
letter from Matt Wessell! Mike’s first interview solo?

47:05 – 1:23:00
Justin Beahm author of Halloween: The Complete Authorized History! What happened to
the 30 never before seen minutes in the Halloween 4 bluray? What’s up with the next
Halloween movie? Exclusive secrets in the upcoming Halloween book? What’s happening
with the LOST FOOTAGE of the original Halloween? This IS an interview you do not
want to pass up if you are a die hard Halloween fan! Exclusives galore!

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