TSC #41 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Retrospective

tsc 41The Skeleton Crew #41 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Retrospective
Intro – 7:29

A historic night in Skeleton Crew history! The Crew has a
new co-host! 2013 promises to be the best year for the Crew.

7:30 – 42:10
A full in depth discussion and review of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

42:11 – 1:17:30TCM Part 2 (1986) Does it
hold up to the original? Did they take it in the right direction?

1:17:31 – 1:42:00
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 (1990)! The forgotten sequel in a major horror
series. Does this movie hold up? Why is it forgotten? Is it a lost gem in

1:42:01 – 2:05:30
The bastard child of horror film in a popular horror series!
Texas Chain Saw Massacre 4: The Next Generation (1994)! Complete in depth discussion,
more than this film has ever received before. Is it really as bad as everyone
claims? Is it worthy of this franchise? Does it deserve it horrible reputation?

2:05:31 – 2:10:30
Chop Top from TCM Part 2 sings “Pigs are People Too”

2:10:31 – 2:22:00

The Crew wraps it up with an overall sum up of the first
4 TCM movies! All 4 films ranked from best to worst!

2:22:01 – End

Bill Moseley talks Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D!
Be sure to tune in to The Skeleton Crew #42 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Retrospective Part 2! TCM (2003), The Beginning (2006) and TCM 3-D (2013)!

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