TSC #50th Show 1 Year Anniversary Special

Party2Intro -8:45

Matt Wessel joins the Crew and talks about his Skeleton Crew
addiction. Matt says the Crew is in their prime. Is he right? Dans grandmother
leaves the Crew a voicemail!

8:46 – 17:45

Alex’s mom calls in and she talks Bates Motel + Friday the
13th Part 2! Dan talks about his beginnings with the Crew.

18:00 – 37:00

Dave Zendano calls in and we talk Skeleton Crew, meant to be
crazy coincidences. We talk mac + cheese and ends things off with some Bates

38:00 – 1:27:00

Matt and the Crew walk through the history of the Skeleton
Crew playing favorite bits and never before heard clips.

1:28:00 – 2:08:00

Jason Christopher director of Nobody Gets Out Alive joins
the Crew to hang and give some insight of what it’s like to have filmed an
indie horror film. How much money did his movie make? Did being the director of
a movie get him laid?

2:09:00 – 2:13:15

Eric Morse joins us for his 2nd appearance and
fills us in on his private battle with Fangoria!

2:14:00 – 2:31:00

Jason Lloyd webmaster of Horrorphilia.com calls in to
celebrate the Screw 1 year Anniversary! Does Alex REALLY not know who Ed Harris

2:31:01 – 3:13:00

Matt Wessel still hangin with the Crew and going through
more never before heard clips.

3:13:01 – 3:26:00

Mike Maryman of Evil Episodes heads over to the dungeon to
help the Crew celebrate! More clips!

3:26:01 – End

Corey Graham of http://midnightcorey.com/
is the last ghoul to enter the lair of the Skeleton Crew. He kicks back with a
few brews and listens in to some of the craziest clips the Skeleton Crew can
pull out of there treasure chest. We wrap up the 1 year show and all head out
and get ready for the end of our Evil Dead retrospective which will contain a
review of Evil Dead 2013 and wrap up all 4 Evil Dead movies.

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