TSC #51 Evil Dead 2013

Evil Dead Remake 020The Skeleton Crew #51 Evil Dead 2013
Alex, Dan and Jamie give a full in depth review of Evil Dead 2013. Is it a piece of shit like most people say it is? Is it the best remake in a decade? Is it better than the original? What do people not like about it? What were its weak points? What were its strengths?
All this and much more! So listen as we review the hottest horror movie out there and wrap up our Evil Dead Retrospective.

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1 Comment

  1. You guys are trying TOO HARD to find reasons to think that this movie was good. If you're just into buckets of blood, then fine. But that's all this film had going for it. I'm also sure that when they release the UNRATED version on video, there will even be more gore. And no, this would not be a better movie with multiple viewings. That's my opinion.

    Jamie, the negativity is mostly towards these remakes. I agree, movies like Dog Soldiers & The Descent, were great movies. But these remakes/sequels/prequels, need to stop. They're just made to cash in.

    1.5 out of 5 for the ED remake.

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