TSC #54 The Ghosts of Salem Still Haunt Us

Show54The Skeleton Crew #54 The Ghosts of Salem Still Haunt Us

0:00 – 9:45
What’s gonna be on the show. Congrats to the bluray giveaway winners! MP2V what is it about? MP2V.com! Dans thoughts on found footage movies.

9:45 – 1:12:00
Dan and Jamie tear Alex apart for his review with Matt on show 52! Why didn’t Alex like it that much? Why do Jamie and Dan think it’s an epic film? When you put these two sides together, blood WILL SPLATTER! Listen in and see who argues your opinion better!

1:12:30 – 2:12:00
Alex, Dan and Jamie share their personal Ghost Stories! Of course this conversation gets as insane as anything these 3 get into. Definitely something that should not be missed!

2:15:00 – 2:36:00
The crew wraps the show up and gets into some good stuff. Even Michael Bays Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Even some more ghost stuff!

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  1. " In order to have a good movie, you need three things: A good story, A good story, & A good story". John Carpenter.

  2. I'm afraid that does not always apply, not if that's not the kind of movie you're making. I've seen tons of good porn, for instance (I know it's an obvious reference, but it is appropriate for my point). It was entertaining and promised nothing more than what it gave. Story isn't always the focus.

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