TSC #60 Top 5 Summer Horror Movies on V/H/S 2

Show60The Skeleton Screw #60 Top 5 Horror Summer Movies on V/H/S 2

1:00 – 39:00
Alex, Dan and Jamie gives their top 5 Summer Horror and Non Horror Movies! Did your favorites make it on the list? Check it out and find out!

40:00 – 48:00
Matt Wessel (from Bananalaser Podcast) game! Teeth or HOSTEL 2…. how would you rather die?

48:30 – 1:18:00
V/H/S 2 NON Spoiler Review! The Crew gives a lengthy solid review for over 30 minutes and manage to not drop any spoilers! DO not miss this if you cant decide whether or not you wanna give this movie a chance!

1:18:30 – 2:13:15
Then the Crew gets into the SPOILERS on V/H/S 2 now! A full in depth review of V/H/S 2 and as per usual this review gets even crazier than the non spoiler review?

2:16:00 – End
Dan and Alex watched the Man of Steel and they have a LOT to say about it! What do you think of the biggest blockbuster of Spring 2013?

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