TSC #61 The Final Chapter: Jason Voorhees meets The Skeleton Crew (Ted White)”

0061b0:00 – 3:00
The coolest 3 minute intro this show has ever hard, Friday the 13th Final Chapter heaven.

3:15 – 17:15
The Crew starts the show off talking about Friday the 13th Part 2… I uh I mean 4… right? Dan is confusing me. Jamie has the most whacked out Halloween costumes ever devised! Kane Hodder chokes out Alex hard than he punched Joe Lynch in Holliston! Is Adam Green the Crews greatest interview ever? That’s the buzz out there in the horror community.

17:30 – 52:00
Ted White… Jason Voorhees himself from Friday the 13th the Final Chapter makes his way from Crystal Lake to the Dungeon! Do not miss the very special interview with one of the greatest icons in horror history. Is he the definitive Jason? We think so!

53:00 – 1:40:00
Who says you cant remake a horror podcast? If you loved the Skeleton Crew #4 Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, then you will love this extension to it. The Crew gives another in depth review of the iconic and quite possibly best film of the franchise. Some how they don’t repeat anything they said the first time they took a journey into the film. For the
ultimate Friday the 13th The Final Chapter experience, be sure to listen to both of the reviews!

1:40:01 – End
Pat the Ghoul Under your Bed and Jake Courthouse hack into the Crews phone lines at the end of their review and talk Friday the 13th franchise, rap music, Busta Ryhmes in Halloween Resurrection, Alex drives around listening to horror scores in his car… weirdo…. What makes the horror killers stand out above the rest? We talk Halloween 1978, The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise, upcoming interviews, Scream movies and more!

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