TSC #63 If You Thought These Movies Were Scary…

63ReduxThe Skeleton Crew #63 If You Thought These Movies Were Scary…

0:00 – 8:45
The Crew is back after taking a month off for the summer. They are joined by special guest host Dave Z. (BananaLaser)

9:25 – 35:30
What big shows are lined up to wrap up this summer? PSYCHO 2 +3 upcoming bluray specs, Evil Dead bluray, Sharknado, Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek and Saved by the Bell? Nightmare on Elm Street 4 bashing
from Dave Z. on CinemaBeef Podcast! The future of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Is Halloween 1978 everything people make it out to be? Is The Thing a stronger movie? Is Trick or Treat the new watch on Halloween?

35:30 – 38:30
The Michael Myers Halloween Dating Game

38: 50 – 44:30
Dan and Dave think Dark Knight Rises is heavily flawed. The Part 3 curse on superhero movies! We get another taste of Alex’s Bane impression, it’s a been a while!

45:50 – 54:20
There is finally a new Halloween movie in the works? Halloween Bloodline, the title brings up Hellraiser Bloodline of course. Alex gives the Rolling Rock beer a taste test in honor of the AVGN. What do Dan and Dave drink?

58:20 – 1:34:00
Swifty the Icon has the greatest Halloween movie collection? What does his porn collection look like? Alex came across all of the horror porn parodies on YouTube. This leads to a conversation you cant miss. Jamie Foxx is the new SPAWN!?

1:35:30 – 2:20:35
The Conjuring 2013 review! SPOILERS announced.

2:21:00 – 2:29:15
Does Butterfly Effect needs a remake? It’s getting one… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine’s new flick and much more!

2:29:20 – 2:34:00
Mr. Skin gives us an update on who’s nude in movies this week! Virgin Horror Fan #JasonGoesToHell calls in and lays down the law in horror!

2:34:30 – 2:48:00
Insidious 2 will be James Wans final horror film!? Is 2013 already the best year in horror in the last ten years? It sure is starting out that way and it’s only August!

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