TSC #64 Are You Smarter Than a Horror Podcaster

001COMPLETEBANNERThe Skeleton Crew #64 Are You Smarter Than a Horror Podcaster

0:00 – 17:29
Jamie is back with the Crew from her summer break! Alex’s talks about his experience with submitting his Friday the 13th Part 9 script to the F13th fan base. Does negativity truly breed negativity?How do people
view 80’s movies they have never seen to new horror films they haven’t seen? Does that 80’s feel carry over nostalgia even though they haven’t seen it before?

17:30 – 27:19
The kind of people who watch Halloween on a bi-weekly basis and people who enjoy variety. Is variety the spice of life or do the people who stick with the same 2 movies know what’s up?

27:20 – 40:59
The Crew discussing (Freddy vs Jason) Monica Keena’s current appearance and how Edward Furlong may have taken her down the wrong path

41:00 – 1:08:00
Dave Z. from Bananalaser heads over to the dungeon while Jamie prepares for the horror trivia show. They discuss Horror on TV today such as MtV’s Scream and Teenwolf, NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby and Hannibal. 12 Monkey’s, Bates Motel and more!

1:10:00 – 1:21:00
Alex and Dan discuss the future of The Skeleton Crew and their place in the world. Where they are going and where they have been.

Show64Avatar1:21:00 – 2:04:295
Horror Podcasters compete in a first of it’s kind epic battle! Are you Smarter Than a Horror Podcaster? Play along at home as Evil Episodes, CinemaBeef, BananaLaser , Horrorphilia and The Skeleton Crew compete to see who is the most knowledgeable horror radio show out there! You WONT BELIEVE how this ends unless you hear it yourself!

2:04:30 – 2:20:00
Some of the contestants stick around to give their thoughts on Monica Keena’s face as well as get in on the discussion on when is the best time to revisit the Halloween movies.

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