TSC #65 Michael Bates and William Pattison You’re Next!

Show65ImageThe Skeleton Crew #65 Michael Bates and William Pattison You’re Next!

Intro – 37:50
The Crew starts the show off with special guest Michael Bates! (Yes, Alex is completely jealous of this man’s last name) He is the head writer of HorrorBid.com and avid listener of The Skeleton Crew! We get into everything with Michael from Nightmare on Elm Street 2 “Freddy’s Revenge”, Scream 4, JAWS, PSYCHO, Son’s of Anarchy, Michael’s own personal ghost experience which WILL freak you out! Then the convo goes into a weird direction as Alex reveals that he was an amateur wrestler from 2002- 2003! You can watch some of his matches at http://www.youtube.com/user/TearsnVomitWrestling/videos

40:00 – 1:01:15
Author of The Friday the 13th Novels makes his 3rd appearance on The Skeleton Crew and talks Psychotic State (Eric new movie/Novel)! Then he talks about his tragic experiences getting bullied in HighSchool,
you wont believe what these kids did to him! Listen to find out!

1:03:30 – 2:04:00
The Crew does a non-spoiler review from 1:03:00 – 1:29:00 of You’re Next! (2013) We get into the good the bad (if any) and the hype! The SPOILERS kick in at 1:29:00 to 2:04:00 and the Crew really looks into You’re

2:04:00 – End
Dan and Jamie interview the guys behind Miss December, Derik Linderman and Tommy Avallone! They got a new project in the works! Check it out!

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