TSC #72 See No Evil, Hear No Michael J.

72preSkeleton Crew #72: See No Evil, Hear No Michael J.

0:00 – 27:30
Jamie was ill tonight so Dave Z from BananaLaser graced us with his presence. Cody Robinson joined in on the fun as well for an historic Skeleton Crew show. The creeps start off with a discussion on The Dark Knight Rises, Ben Affleck as BatMan and all things Sleepaway Camp. Including the remake that is in the works.

30:30 – 48:30
Robin Quivers introduces the Crew in this historic segment. 1 year ago tonight Alex had the conversation with Dan that would change the face of the Crew forever. Tension between Alex and Michael J. (former co-host) began building in Sept 2012. By Nov 16th 2012 Alex and Dan came to the conclusion that the drama was not worth it’s fruits. They said good-bye to Michael J and took the road less traveled by. Tonight is the 1 year anniversary of that night. Has Mike spoken to either of them? Was Mike right to do what he did? Was Alex right to do what he did, should he have hung in there a while longer? Will Michael J ever make a guest appearance and tell his side of the story? Listen and find out…

1:06:00 – 1:58:00
The Crew gets into one of Dan’s fav horror slashers ever See No Evil 2006. They aslo get into the Soska Sisters future releases See No Evil 2 2014. Jonathan Orr even weighs in on See No Evil.

2:00:00 – 2:04:00
Last time Dave Z was on the show, what transpired was unforgettable for better or worse. Show #63 became known as The Porno Show. What effect did that show have on Cody Robinson? Is he scarred for life? Will he ever recover? Could he ever listen to that segment again?

2:05:00 – 2:08:00
The Crew says good-bye while Dave Z expresses the impact the Crew had on him and his show.

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