TSC #79 10 Misunderstood Movies in Horror

tsc 79The Skeleton Crew #79 10 Misunderstood Movies in Horror

0:00 – 2:30
Legendary radio personality from the Howard Stern Show, Artie Lange Introduces the show for the crew! The Crew kicks the show off!

4:15 – 1:30:00
The Crew and Dave Z (BananaLaser) go over their lists of what they believe are some of the most misunderstood quality films in the horror genre. Why are these movies disliked? What do people not understand? What is the greatness that is not being acknowledged?

1:31:00 – 1:49:00
After the Mr. Skin Minute Alex and Jamie interview the director of indie horror film The Truck! Lee Vervoort!

1:49:00 – 2:15:00
Alex goes on yet another rant, this time it’s about reaction to the death of Harold Ramis.

2:15:00 – 2:38:00
Future review Let the Right One In and why they can’t review Let Me In. Alex rips What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The Crew can’t give their shirts away if they wanted too! Shitty Hulk Hogan Movies! Bad acting in porno films! Dan loves True Detective!

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