TSC #82 Scream 4 and Skeleton 2

82Skeleton Crew #82 Scream 4 and Skeleton 2

0:00 – 23:00
The Crew starts things of with Duncan McLeish from Podcast Under the Stairs. We all talk about the loss of a great man, Oderus Urungus (Murray “Dave” Brockie). Duncan was lucky enough to interview him last year!

23:01 – 27:30
It’s the 2 Year Anniversary of The Skeleton Crew! Yes we have been going at it for 2 whole years April 2nd!

28:45 – 43:00
20 Years ago on the day of this shows release April 5th Kurt Cobain lead man of Nirvana committed suicide. The Crew pays him a little tribute. Well everyone but Jamie…

43:30 – 44:10
News of Phantasm 5!?

45:00 – 49:30
Coincidentally news of the long await Scream MTV Show is finally here!

50:45 – 59:00
Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with a new movie called Sabotage. It didnt do so well at the box office but Alex seems to like it a lot! He says it’s better than Escape Plan! The gang talk the revival of Arnold and Stallones careers and future projects they are working on.

104:30 – 1:14:00
Dan watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2014 trailer! What did everyone think? Michael Bay’s Meltdown and more!

1:18:00 – 3:01:00
The Crew finishes of their Scream Retrospective with Scream 4! This is the most in depth look you will ever get at this movie! There is no doubt about that!

3:02:00 – End
The Crew wraps up the retrospective with Duncan rank ranks the franchise as a whole!

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