TSC #94 Inside and Out

94bannerTSC #94 Inside and Out

0:00 – 4:30
The Crew and special guest Tony Theriault kicks off the show talk a little bit about Willow Creek.

4:45 – 20:30
Alex and Tony discuss what is the better TV Show Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad!

20:20 – 1:01:30
The Crew and Tony give you their horror movie recommendations that have never been discussed on the show prior to this show! Lots of great picks and sales pitches! You may really wanna check these out of you havent!

1:02:30 – 1:57:30
The Crew and Tony review Inside (2007) a French Horror Film! This review gets pretty funny, youre gonna like this one!

1:58:25 – 2:05:00
The Crew and Tony wrap it up and Tony has a great giveaway for listeners of the show!

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