TSC #96 Oculus gets Cabin Fever

96BannerBSkeleton Crew #96 Oculus gets Cabin Fever

0:00 – 5:50
Alex and Jamie start off the show with a little intro.

6:00 – 39:30
The Crew is joined by Dave Z. (BananaLaser) and they give an in depth review of Oculus (2014)!

40:00 – 53:45
The Crew gets into an odd conversation that was sparked by a scene in Cabin Fever 3! It was just too crazy to cut from the show, yet just too off track to leave in the Cabin Fever 3 review. So we made it it’s own segment! The gist of the conversation is having sex while your g/f or wife is on her period.

54:00 – 1:29:00
The Crew review Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero along with Dave Z.

1:30:00 – 1:39:00
Kevin Dicciani send a rap song titles “PSYCHO” over to the dungeon for their listening pleasure. Alex and Jamie review the song!

1:40:00 – End
Alex and Jamie wrap it up with talk on the big show that is up next! Abbott & Costello meet The Skeleton Crew with special guest Ryan Lewis (Graveshift Radio) 
To fully enjoy the next show, be sure to get your hands on Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein, The Killer, The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Mummy! Those are the 5 movies they will cover on the next show!

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