Up Under The Roof Movie (Short) Review

Up Under The Roof
Directed by Darin Read
Starring: Jonathan Milliken
Narration: Greg Finley
Runtime 18 minutes
Reviewer: Horrorphilia Jason

Ive seen tons of horror shorts over the past year and this movie is damn near at the top. The production value, cinematography and setting is top notch. The story follows a 10 yr old boy in the early 1900’s living on a farm, with no friends, no siblings, and nothing to occupy himself except for his imagination. One evening he hears something crawling above his room, in the attic, up under the roof. Daily the noise gets louder as it moves closer to the boy. No one listens to his story of the noises at night. The boy either has to face the creature alone or deal with the fears that haunt him.

Darin Read captures the era perfectly. Everything from the clothes, the mannerisms, props, all make it feel authentic. The coolest thing about the movie is the awesome narration. While the boy and a few other characters have a few spoken lines, a vast majority of the movie is told by the narrator (Greg Finley). He just seems to haveĀ  this wholesome voice that just automatically makes you feel comfortable. Kinda like a sweet ol Grandpa sitting on the porch telling stories of how he didnt have no toys, and how you should appreciate what you have. Yeah that was cheeseball, but you get the point. The main point of contention for a lot of people will be the ending. I thought it wrapped the story perfect but I’m sure some will wish it had more of a horror type ending.

Awesome short movie and I cant wait to see more from Director Read.
Rating: 8.5/10