BananaLaser Episode #34 The Worst People Horror Movies Of All Time

BL EP 34BananaLaser Episode 34 The Worst People Horror Movies Of All Time

This episode is brought to you by the number 3!!
Hello Lasers!! We are back during our summer break with a new episode live from the pool! Alex, Dave & Wizzel are relaxin’ and having a good time, so why not record that?! They talk about tons of stuff this show. They do some Fan Grab and discuss a list of the internet about the Worst Horror Movies of All time!!
Plus, of course, the laser nation has had more contact with CCLA members, so that has to be brought up.
All of this, plus more in this episode. Just remember, 3 is the magic number!!
00:00 – 08:48

08:48 – 10:35
3 Man Riot
A megamix all about a magic number

10:35 – 31:50
Spies! Anger! Revenge! Facebook? The guys talk about some unfortunate people they interact with online

32:56 – 38:25
Dave started a new Facebook Group for people who love horror podcasts and want more!! Check it out!
Also Dave and Matt talk about humble beginnings on the show that united them, Dirty Bay Horror

38:25 – 42:02
Did Wizzel call The Skeleton Crew fan boys?

42:37 – 01:06:09
What’s the next big horror movie?
Remember Fan Grabs?! We are doing more!

01:06:09 – 01:06:50
A special new sitcom about Franklin from TCM!

01:06:50 – 01:25:45
More Fan Grabs!!

01:26:36 – 02:07:41
The 10 Worst Horror Movies of All Time?

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