Bloody Bits VOD Christmas Special 2017

Welcome to Bloody Bits. This is a special Christmas themed episode featuring 7 reviews of Vod films and one horror short review from the following podcast extraordinaires: Tom Martino from The Horror Crap Podcast, Jerry Herring from Kill The Cast, Derek B. and the Cinema Attack crew from Cinema Attack, Jamie Sammons from The Abc’s of Hidden Horror, Philip Perron from Dark Discussions, Newty from NFW, and myself. To rent the films, click on the names to link out. Music featured in the podcast: Deliverance – Silent Night, Five Iron Frenzy – You Gotta Get Up and I’m Santa And I Know It from Key of Awesome.

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Vod Films
Apocalypse Road aka Pale
Dawning of the Dead
Other Halves
The Spiritualist
The Blessed Ones