Cheezy Trailer Extravaganza Box Set Review

Cheezy Trailer Extravaganza Box Set 

Directed by: Various
MVD Entertainment Group and Cheezy Flicks
450 Minutes

Plot-trailer after trailer of sheer fun and alot of memories.

Review-For less than 20.00 dollars,  you get 7 discs of movie trailers.  Disc 1 is Cheezy Action. Disc 2 is Cheezy Exploitation. Disc 3 is Cheezy Fantasy. Disc 4 and 5 are Cheezy Horror. Disc 6 and Disc 7 is Cheezy Science Fiction. Plus in addition to over 500 trailers. You get the bonus stuff, like on the horror discs, it was some silent old school horror movies and all the lobby commercials from the theaters in the 70’s and 80’s. There is also easter eggs. Among the trailers on these 7 discs is Let me die a woman, oh my god how just ridiculous. Planet of Vampires, Reform School Girls, I passed for white and so many more. I dont want to name all the trailers, cause that was the fun for me is just sit back and be surprised. And there are some trailers in here I am on Amazon right now to see if the movies are in print and sold. This set is just a good fun time. Get yourself a chair, a remote and just have fun. There are a few trailers on here I did not like and was bored by. But, those were few and far between. I think if you have a movie fan in the family, its a good present for a holiday or birthday. I recommend this very highly. What a fun time.

8 out of 10