Clean Break (2010) Short Film Review


Clean Break
Running Time: 30 minutes
Full Disc : 45 minutes
Reviewer: Destiny West

One of 3 short films on Collective Studios Short Films Volume 1, Clean Break is an ingenious tale of a Skeleton come writer called J.D Strickland that is initially on a success high. He has money and fame and all that he thinks he desires; that is until he realises that his satisfaction is one of a hollow emptiness and he wants to start writing again for the passion and love of his craft and in doing so thus not adhering to his contract and commercial expectations. With J.D’s change of heart comes the ceremonial dumping from his publisher who has found a new ‘flavour’ of the month. From there J.D spirals into a cesspit of woe, until he finally comes to the realisation that all is truly right in his world and discovers the true meaning of being an author.

There are two other short films on this same disc. The first one is titled “Frisky Whisky” which tells the humorous tale of Ronnie, a likeable loser who is looking for a little romance in his life. One night in a bar the unthinkable happens, a girl walks in and she appears actually interested in him and she is a model. What ensues is a comedy of errors that had me laughing aloud. “Frisky Whisky” is a ten minutes of pure joy.
“The Craftsman” tells the tale of an old man trying to create a miracle in his workshop, almost like a modern day twist to Pinocchio. “The Craftsman” shows us the true frailty of the human heart.

Clean Break won the “Directors’ Choice” award, at the 2010 Thriller Chiller Film Festival and was directed by the ingenious and talented writer Ryan Lieske who also wrote the screen play with Jacob de la Rosa for Collective Studios hailing from the U.S.A
J.D Strickland is such a refreshing, artistic breath of fresh air and I’d jump his bones any day. Clean Break leaves you craving more of this witty, creative character and any writer should definitely relate to his tale and sympathise with his lot. For me personally as a writer, it truly said a lot to my soul about the true craft and passion of literature, all within 30 minutes. Unmistakably poignant, hilariously funny and slightly macabre, Clean Break is a short film from a director and screen writer with a huge career ahead of him. You don’t have to be a fellow writer to get a kick out of this short film, I think what J.D goes through can symbolise many facets of our lives.
There is one scene in particular that starts off so dear and enchanting, a 10 on the Richter scale of emotion that suddenly and unexpectedly had me in tears of laughter.
If you are a fan of short films or just want to see something ‘new’ then check out Clean Break and all of the other short films from Collective Studios.