Dark Reel Movie Review

Dark Reel Movie Review
Directed by Josh Eisenstadt
Starring Tiffany Shepis, Edward Furlong, Lance Henricksen and Tony Todd
Available on dvd March 10, 2009
I thought with that cast the movie at least had some promise. Well maybe I’ll take that back cuz Tony Todd will attach his name to any horror movie project out there. I swear Ive seen him in cameos in at least 5 crappy horror movies in the past year alone. (actually 4 I just looked it up on imdb and at least 7 more horror in the next year!) And how far has Edward Furlong fallen. It seems like yesterday I was watching him as John Connor, and I thought he had potential as a legitimate actor. In this movie he’s a dumpy, out of shape, non acting jackhole. Damn he let himself go. I wouldnt be surprised if there some alcohol or narcotics that contributed to his current state. But what really saves this movie from being total ass wiping material is Tiffany Shepis. Now she’s been in dozens (yes dozens) of horror movies but I really only remember her from Zombies, Zombies, Zombies and Abominable. In this movie she definitely steals the show. She so damn cute and sexy I just wanted to punch that douche Furlong and take her right from him.
I guess I should finally get around to talk about the actual movie. The movie starts off with a cool film noirish scene with this actress being murdered while doing a screen test. Then after the title sequence the movie quickly goes to shit. Its basically a mixmash between a campy slasher mixed with a serious supernatural element that doesnt gel together. The story is about this dude (Edward Furlong) that wins a contest for a walk on role for a pirate movie. The head of the studio (Henriksen) is this ahole who doesnt give a damn about his movies he just wants to make a quick buck. Soon after Furlong arrives on the set people start dying by this killer who wears this cool looking blonde wig and jacked doll face mask. Too bad the kills are not ver gory, inventive or original. So Furlong’s character hooks up with Tiffany Shepis who plays a semi famous actress (kinda like herself). First off I dont care how good or how much a nice guy his character is there is no f-ing way her character would have hooked up with that dude. After a few people are killed his role in the movie expands so he is under suspicion for the murders. Then all of a sudden there is a plot line where the original girl that was killed back in the 50’s comes back as a ghost in amateurish cgi and tries to tell Furlongs character who the killer is. The movie is all a fucking mess with a shitty ending to boot. This movie will get some rentals because of the names involved but I cant recommend this to anyone. On a scale of 1-10 I give this an excited sound operator 4.1 out of 10.

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