Dreamaniac (1986) Movie Review

Directed by David DeCoteau (The Killer Eye)
Reviewer: Horrorphilia Jason

Lowdown: a cookie cutter 80’s slasher that even I can’t recommend.

It’s no secret that I’m a slasher fan and in fact 80’s slashers are usually my favorites. When Dreamaniac was announced to be released by Full Moon’s Grindhouse collection, I was highly anticipating it. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing but I was hoping for a solid addition to the slasher pantheon. Let’s just say I was disappointed.

Adam, a heavy metal loving occultist conjures up a succubus from hell. His girlfriend and her sister Jodi, invite frat and sorority friends over for a party. Drinking, partying, premarital sex all are on the agenda for the evening. The succubus has other devious things on her mind like seducing and killing the party goers one by one.

Before I start ripping on it I’ll give it credit for one thing. It don’t play around getting started with things. Within the first 5 minutes you have the succubus conjured and the kids are arriving to party down. At least if it’s gonna be bad, thankfully it spares us the long setup.

The kids are mostly typical sterotypes, a slut, the good girl, the jock who’s easily persuaded, etc..etc.. The acting was bad but nothing  different than your average slasher from that time period. The only character that was remotely interesting was the man stealing slut. Not cuz she was hot, or had good lines, but because she was a man stealing slut. She did get her man, but she also got a face full of vomit in my favorite scene of the movie. It needed more fun stuff like that to be cool. Instead you get really lame kills, most of which are just stabbings. There is a drill scene involving a hand and an eventual beheading which looked cool, but that was it. The gore overall was pretty lame especially in comparison to other slashers of the time period. 

The conclusion of the movie featured one of the longest girl on girl fights. Which is essentially two girls hugging and pulling on each other. When they reveal the final twist not only is it illogical, it’s f-ing stupid as hell. It totally interrupts the flow of the movie and almost feels like the movie is put on pause. The editing of the movie was terrible, it had a lame succubus villainess who never looked enticing or even threatening, and a God awful twist ending. One warning I have to give to potential buyers out there. If you are a slasher completeist or for some odd reason you have a nostalgic love for this movie, be prepared for a bad transfer. I don’t think it’s remastered at all but basically just converted from a vhs copy of the movie. You can tell from the screenshots above the overall quality. If this sounds like something you want to check out then you can get it fairly cheap over at Full Moon by clicking here.

Final Rating: 4/10

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