DWN’S Terrible Horror Crap Podcast Episode 02 The Worst Podcast Ever

thcpod2imageDWN Productions THC (Terrible Horror Crap) Podcast is hosted by DWN’s own Tom Martino and is a comedic look at some of the worst movies he has ever seen..  Tom is a sculptor, painted, sfx artist, writer, director, and a big fan of terrible movies.  Tom will be talking about garbage movies he has watched recently, movies he has rewatched, or movies he has all ready seen and loved.  This is a edgy and offensive show so make sure you can stomach it.  Spark one up and crack one open then get ready to enjoy DWN Productions THC Podcast!


Episode 2 Tom is kinda joined by Kerryn Ledet and talks Vampire Dog, Hercules In Ny, Shadowzone, Splatter Farm and more!

Check out Tom’s kick ass monster masks and hilarious movies for sale at his website: http://www.dwnproductions.net/