Episode 113: – SOV Vol.1 The Burning Moon (1992)/Dark Harvest (1992) – 22 Shots Of Moodz And Horror

Intro: “IT” Show, Horrorphilia Top Ten, IT vs IT Poll, Full Moon vs Troma, Adam Wingard on Death Note, Source Material/Adaptation, Rating a Film, Misleading Trailers, Follow up Comments, Monthy Giveaways.  

00:44:52 -News: AMC Fear-fest Line up, Robert Rodriguez, Victory Crowley Dates, Puppet Master Box Set, Jamie Lee Curtis Cast in New Halloween flick. 

Moodz Swingz

01:17:47 -DVD/BluRay Releases 

01:24:22 -Box Office Brawl

01:41:03 -Knowledge (Movie Pass Review)

01:54:32 -Dead Mail 

What We Watched:

02:20:00 -Mother (2017)

02:31:29 -The Stuff (1985) Patreon Pick

02:37:28 -Dracula In Vegas (1999) 

02:40:54 -Amsterdamned (1988)

02:48:46 -Frostbiter (1995) Patreon Pick 

02:53:02 -The Otherworld (2013)

02:59:55 -Blow Out (1981) Patreon Pick

03:08:53 -Suite 313 (2017) 

Featured Reviews:

03:15:28 -The Burning Moon (1992) Patreon Pick 

03:41:18 -Dark Harvest (1992)  

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  1. I completely and absolutely agree with Moodz 100% on the 'Halloween' discussion. An absolutely wasted opportunity to push Zombie's vision forward with or without him, it could have been done.

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