Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode 119 The Cult Of TwITsy

Do Not Adjust the Dial, Your TV Horror fix is back,

It’s Evil Episodes #119!

Welcome back…….on this episode we have balloons, candy, & popcorn…*pop pop pop* Actually, we have none of that, but what we do have is a discussion on IT (2017). We all got out to the theater to see it, and we all have plenty to say.  Mike rewatched some of The Walking Dead’s 7th season,  as well as some movies including The Badlands & Rebirth.  Brian & Jamie watched movies including Satanic & The Black Room.  Then we run down where we’re all at on TV shows, including the season premiere of AHS: Cult, Mr Mercedes and more……then we close the show with the start to a new retrospective, tackling the first two episodes of Fear Itself, The Sacrifice & Spooked!  Come float with us on Evil Episodes #119!!!!

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