Gut (2012) Movie Review

gut-banner1Written and Directed by ELIAS
Stars: Jason Vail, Nicholas Wilder and Sarah Scoofs
2.75 Out of 5
Reviewed by Char Hardin

“GUT gets under your skin and embeds subliminal imagery into your mind that you cannot get back out again. GUT is not the type of film I would say, I loved and can’t wait to see again. Uncomfortable silence followed the credits.”

Tom father and husband are friends with co-worker Dan and while hanging out with Dan watching horror movies, Tom is subjected to a new type of film, one that left him feeling morbid. Later that night Tom replayed the events of the film in his mind and became aroused.

Tom orders Dan to get rid of the tape and advises him not to order anymore. But Dan becomes obsessed with it and orders more and makes copies for Tom. A secret comes to light and Dan realizes he is on the verge of losing his best friend and desperation leads to death.

My thoughts on this film are although I was not overly impressed with the story or its actors of this slow burning tale, I will give kudos to Elias for the heart of this story, the act of gutting (women). The disturbing nature of this film is that Tom and Dan had happened upon a snuff film, where an unseen assailant was gutting women for the perverse pleasure of self gratification by reaching into the slit made in stomach area of a few young women.

I couldn’t help but notice how REAL the gutting appeared to the viewer. I was so disturbed by this film, especially of the final victims that as soon as the credits started to roll, I removed the DVD from my machine and shredded it. I felt dirty and disgusted while viewing it. I knew the film was fiction, but it didn’t look or feel like it. It was almost watching a story within a story and it felt real at the end.

This type of film is not one I would feel good about saying, “I loved it”. This is not a put down to the filmmaker, but really a praise, because their work so disturbed me. So much that I don’t ever want to see it again. Would I recommend it to my peers? Most likely and I have already done so. I would have non-reviewers think before purchasing or renting this film. It will get under your skin and embed its images subliminally into your mind and it was hard to wipe those images away. If you like disturbing plots and slow burns, then you may find this to be more to your liking.

The end was painful to watch and it was the first time, I actually believed the actor was in character, heartbreaking. The beginning of the film is the ending. When the end is near, what I perceived to be happening in the beginning changed at the revealing of who was also in the scene.

Thank you Elias for allowing me to review your film. If your intention was to disturb…you succeeded. 2.75 Out of 5.