HORROR CORRIDOR EPISODE 004: The Night He Came Home!

halloween_poster_by_smalltownheroHORROR CORRIDOR EPISODE 004: Mister Watson and Aaron Jim talk Michael Myers and Halloween (1978)

Happy Halloween, folks! In this fourth episode of HORROR CORRIDOR, Mister Watson and his special guest host, Aaron Jim, bring you in-depth talk about Michael Myers and his ever-shifting motivations throughout the nine Halloween films in which he appears.

And then…

The two hosts go over Mister Watson’s 9th favorite horror film of all time (and Aaron’s 3rd favorite)… Halloween (1978). They conduct a spoiler-filled walkthrough of the film, only slowing down to flesh out the film’s themes and Michael Myers’ psychological underpinnings.

In the show’s outro, Mister Watson details what he’d like to see from the next Halloween film and goes into detail concerning the little spoken of 1979 Halloween novelization and the gems that lay within.

Be sure to join us on and get your Halloween on!