HORROR CORRIDOR EPISODE 008: Mister Watson’s Best of 2016 Party

HORROR CORRIDOR 008: Mister Watson’s Best of 2016 Party

After nearly 3 months of silence, Horror Corridor makes its triumphant return to the podcasting realm! In this long-awaited 8th episode, Mister Watson invites you to join his springtime lounge-party, celebrating his favorite horror films from last year. (Seriously. There really IS a lounge-party!)

This is not a top 10 list, though, my friends. We’re dealing with the top 16 of 2016 here, but it’s not just one list… homies, its TWO top 16 lists! The second-tier list from 32 to 17 is comprised of the 16 films that Mister Watson feels are well above honorable-mention status but aren’t quite ready to stand toe-to-toe with the TOP 16, which are Watson’s real favorites.

Ready yourself for a show jam-packed with stellar 2016 picks, but… the party doesn’t stop there, folks. Mister Watson also brings you his absolute favorite dark-themed song from 2016: “Mourning Glory” by rapper Sadistik.

This is an episode you simply can’t afford to miss!

00:00:00 – Mister Watson’s Lounge Party

00:05:42 – Introduction: Greetings & salutations; How Lil’ Wat Saved Horror Corridor; and guest appearances talk

00:17:30 – Bill Paxton Tribute

00:19:34 – The Current State of Horror Corridor

00:25:20 – The Current State of the Horror Genre

00:35:46 – List Discussion & Movies that did NOT make the list

00:42:48 – Honorable Mentions

00:43:29 – Second-Tier Top 16 List

01:05:52 – Why no mention of top 2016 horror novels?

01:06:50 – Music Segment: Discussion of Mister Watson’s favorite dark-themed song from 2016.

01:14:10 – “Mourning Glory” by Sadistik

01:20:51 – Music Segment Wrap-up

01:21:39 – First-Tier Top 16 List… the best of the best!

01:55:00 – Outro: Episode 009 discussion; Exploding Heads/Horror Corridor Mashup talk; Kill the Cast talk; Plugs; & Outro Song Discussion.

02:03:28 – “Videodrome” by Sadistik

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