Horrorphilia Jeremy’s Best Horror Fiction of 2016

Best Horror Fiction of 2016

Caveat: I favor good writing over plot-fests with a lot of action, although those can be fun too…

5. Age of Blight – Kristine Ong Muslim

These stories may be more darkly weird, but they offer some terrifying possibilities.

4. The Devil in the Black Hat – Victor LaValle

You really need to read Lovecraft’s “The Horror at Red Hook” to understand all of the dark currents that LaValle is riffing on in this novella.

3. Furnace – Livia Llewellyn

Horror stories don’t get more dark, erotic, and poetic than Llewellyn’s. Beware, her stories will often leave you as lost as when you started them.

2. The Fisherman – John Langan

Gothic, Lovecraftian horror doesn’t get much better than this. One of the best written stand-alone horror novels in recent memory.

1. The City of Mirrors – Justin Cronin

Cronin delivers an grandiose and epic conclusion to his apocalyptic vampire trilogy. He also creates one

of the better ‘monster’ in recent horror fiction, perhaps inspired by Dracula. The only problem with this book? It’s 900 pages long and the third in a series.