It’s Bloody Sex the podcast

IT’S BLOODY SEX is hosted by me, Lauren Ashley Carter! I am known for my performances in indie horror films Darling, The Mind’s Eye, Pod, Jug Face, The Woman. I was inspired to create this podcast because of my insatiable interest in the sexual habits of others, and the hilarious and horrifying stories that I have heard in my travels. I acknowledge that an embarrassing amount of my sexual education was founded on film and TV that I watched growing up as a young child and into adolescence and adulthood. I also admit I am far more ignorant about sex than I thought I was. I explore my own expectations regarding sex, love, and relationships that were heavily influenced by content and media, and examine this content with guest sex bloggers, writers, filmmakers, actors, and anyone who wants to get down and dirty. In addition, every episode features a true life sex story read by myself, and other actors, that will be discussed by myself and my guests.
I am producing this show entirely on my own, with no experience in, well, anything. So I beg for your forgiveness as I am learning how the wheel works.I am always looking for new stories to read and content to peruse, so contact me if you have a story that you would like me to read (I can transcribe this for you as well) anonymously or with credit given.