Lovely Molly (2012) Movie Review

Director: Eduardo Sanchez
Writer: Eduardo Sanchez and Jamie Nash
Stars: Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis and Alexandra Holden
Reviewed by Char Hardin
2 Out of 5


After weeks of waiting for Lovely Molly to come to Netflix, I was happy to see it, when I logged on earlier to watch The Yellow Sea (a real good Korean Film). Lovely Molly had been mentioned and discussed somewhat in the Horrorphilia Podcast Facebook group I had one guy say “I liked it. It’s a slow burn, so prepare for one” and another “I liked it” and of course the voice of reason one Horrorphilia Gonzalez with his thoughts, “Zzzz…Is what I thought of it.” Well after ninety nine minutes, I am ready to give my thoughts on Lovely Molly.

Molly and newlywed husband Tim move into Molly’s childhood home. With both parents deceased and the home in reasonably move-in condition. The couple’s first added modern addition to the dated home was a security alarm. Tim an over-the-road truck driver wanted the home secure for the times he would be on the road and Molly would be home alone. Shortly after the installation a noise awakens the couple in the middle of the night and the alarm was tripped. The police were called and one officer responded. He checked the home and found nothing and no one. He warned that the house had been vacant for so long that most likely kids, but warned them to check all doors and windows and to be sure they are closed and locked. The couple felt silly, but better safe than sorry.

Molly starts hearing noises and creaks and Tim does not. Her birthday finds her not spending it with her husband, he has to go to work and she is left alone. Her sister Hannah comes over and they have cake and smoke a little pot. Hannah leaves and the noises start. She reaches for her camera and a crazy moment while filming ends up with her in the closet, screaming and the camera dropped and recording. Nothing is seen only the screams of Molly are heard and a sound which was a cross between a roar and growl is heard.

As the story goes along, the viewer learns that something happened to Molly and she was using drugs and flipped out. Her uncle called cops and Molly was placed under psychiatric care and “she hated it”. Her flipping out moments was becoming more frequent and one such moment was a recorded security video at work, where she is seen in the hallway coming back from dumping the trash. She in turns and goes back to a corner and then she is slammed by unseen force up against the wall and her pants are yanked down and she is being assaulted from behind…she is humping the wall and no one is visible except Molly.


It was obvious from the beginning that Molly was sexually assaulted at a young age and suppressed the memory and when she and Tim moved into the home where she had been molested, all those feelings of fear, insecurity, came rushing to the surface and bringing back memories she tried to bury. A discussion with Hannah speaks of how it started with her after their mother died and how their father promised to stop…but he never did and then he started on Molly.

At one point Molly flipped through a photo album and you see her as young girl with a horse and her father. One of the incidents with Molly and “Ghost” took place in a closet with Molly filming. The viewer hears a sound that is animalistic, for moment…one farfetched moment…I actually thought, it was the ghost of the horse that had come for Molly. Based on the debasing she received from her father, I had thought, he’d used the horse to defile his daughter. At the end with Hannah flipping through the same photo album, my thinking didn’t seem as farfetched as I first thought.

The ending is what killed Lovely Molly for me. I didn’t mind the slow burn of the film, what I minded was the crappy ending. The use of the camera Molly used to document at times was not necessary. She called her Sister and left a message, thus making the “found footage” of her camera unnecessary. The “ghost” was the biggest joke of all. I felt cheated out of a good ghost story. The story started out good and then went haywire and any enjoyment went out the window when the “ghost” was revealed.

The saving graces for this film were the bloody death scenes. “Love thy neighbor doesn’t mean a preacher should have sexual moment with a crazy woman…it just never ends well. In this case the screw driver to the back of the skull put a stop to that unholy tryst. Few others and what she did to the deer…gross! Two things I liked about Lovely Molly the gory shots and the story up to the ending.

Would I recommend it after viewing and writing about Lovely Molly…NO! I wouldn’t recommend anyone having to sit through something only to become pissed off at the end. I say pass on Lovely Molly. It wasn’t boring and I didn’t fall asleep, it’s ending was disappointing. Not worth a Red Box Night.