Mr. Hush (2010) Movie Review (Kino Lorber and Redemption Blu-ray Review)

Mr. Hush
Directed by David Lee Madison
Starring Brad Loree, Jessica Cameron and Connie Giordano
Available from Kino Lorber
Reviewer: Horrorphilia Jason


The Lowdown: This movie sucks more than the Hoover Vacuum cleaner testing center. 

Oh man it pains me to write this review in more ways than one. Reason #1 – writing the review makes me bring back memories that I want to repress. Reason #2 – Horrorphilia has a really good friend of the site that stars in the movie, and it’s never fun to diss a friend’s project. Within the first few minutes of the film the eye rolling was in full motion. Holland Price has a picture perfect family. A kid that’s cute and obedient, and a wife that acts like June Clever (Jessica Cameron) reincarnated. After a night of trick or treating Holland lets in a priest that’s looking for help. Little does he know minutes later Mr. Hush will kill his wife and kid and turn his world upside down. Mr. Hush escapes and 10 years later we find Holland is a cook and dishwasher at his friend, Mac’s restaurant. He meets a woman named Debbie and befriend’s her and her seemingly perfect teenage daughter. Mr. Hush eventually returns with his sidekick and is hellbent on once again ruining Holland’s life.

The dialogue and acting is atrocious. The main dude Holland (Brad Loree) is the best in the film, but he has some cringe worthy dialogue that he has to spout that doesn’t help his cause. The rest of the acting  basically ranges from below average to horrid. Not sure if it’s a case where the actor’s aren’t motivated because they realize how terrible a script it is, or if they just aren’t talented. The characters felt like they were straight out of a Lifetime movie channel, mixed with a tinge of Disney cheese.  Even the character of Mr. Hush wasn’t interesting  in the slightest. He never came across as creepy, but felt more like he was in some type of skit and was about to shout “It’s Saturday Night Live!”

There is very little gore and practically zero moments of tension or scares. It’s basically a romantic drama with some hints of horror thrown in. The highlight (lowlight) of the film was the scene with Holland and another victim that are tied up in the basement. The room is really well lit but their dialogue and motions act like they are in the dark and can’t see each other. Just terrible moments like that makes that prove how incompetently made this movie is.

To wrap, stay far away from this film. It’s a subpar modern slasher that’s filmed really well but has no substance. It’s not scary enough, not funny enough, and a script that feels like a student project. The pacing is like molasses and an ending that is laughable. Stephen Geoffrey’s is billed as one of the main stars but he’s barely in it. There are a few scenes with a few characters wearing make up that looks ridiculously bad. I don’t give a damn about spoilers since no way in hell i’m recommending this but how Mr. Hush is vanquished was super friggin lame. I did like the baseball bat hit with the bat shattering, but that’s almost all that’s worth mentioning. It’s definitely an early candidate for worst horror movie of the year. No, it’s not even close to a so bad it’s good film. You have been warned.

Final Rating: 2.5/10