NFW Movie Commentary Podcast: IT (1990)

12935360_1340353365978687_1453904967_nTo Help Jake Celebrate his shows (Unholy Mofos) 50th episode NFW sponsors the 2nd half of the made for TV Stephen King movie IT starring Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown. And tons and tons of special guests There’s Darth Ballsac of All My Heroes Wear Masks and The Expodables, Newty and Willis from The NFW podcast, Stan the Man, and Sean a friend of Scott’s. We meant to talk about the movie, give some good contrasts between it and the novel. But drunkeness took over halfway and there came talks of other things such as waffle stomping, The Big Lebowski, Kordell Stewart, John Ritter’s leather jackets, one technical difficulty and much more. Yeah this was one hell of an episode. No feedback but we instead leave some feedback to All My Heroes Wear Masks. It’s something to behold. Audio is a little funny in this since Jake had to take out his headset in order for it to work.

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