NFW Movie Commentary Podcast: Friday The 13th Part 2

Happy Friday the 13th!!! The NFW crew are back with their commentary for one of the best entries of the franchise. Sit back, drink, smoke out, fornicate or whatever tickles your fancy and listen to their witty commentary for the film.

NFW Friday 2

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  1. would have been a lot better if u paid more attention to the movie and less time cracking jokes about ur everyday life, watch the skeleton crew and take some notes

    • Thanks for the feedback, While I appreciate your view I must say we aren't the Skeleton Crew. I enjoy those guys very much but if all shows sounded alike it would make for a boring world. I classify our show as this, a bunch of friends who get together to drink, bust balls and have some fun while viewing a movie. We do comment on the movies as we watch along with throwing out some fun facts now & again. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy our show & hope that you give us another chance after reading this. Newty

  2. Don’t change anything Newty.

    I hunted through Horror Movie Podcasts for over a year, giving each a try and listening to at least 5 episodes of each one I found. Most are cookie-cutter replicas of each other, with little in the way of individuality. There were notable exceptions (eg SMNPodcast, AMHWM). If anything I would encourage you to go further, and get crazier; put even more personal spin on your show.

    I’m giving NFW a try after becoming familiar with both Newty & Jake through their listener feedback on another show — you know the one —
    Jake’s junior mint comment was WTF-LOL-perfection. If NFW continues along those lines, I’ll be listening for more.

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