Out Of The Shadows (2017) Umbrella Entertainment Dvd Review

Out Of The Shadows
Directed by Dee McLachlan
Starring Goran D. Kleut, Jake Ryan, Lisa Chappell
Running Time: 88 Min
Available from Umbrella Ent.

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Welcome to your new home…moving in was the easy part.

Unaware of its dark and sinister history, a detective and his pregnant wife move into their dream home, sparking a chain of events destined to haunt them beyond their wildest nightmares.

Fearing their baby is being tormented by a supernatural force they seek the help of a renegade demonologist who must investigate the past to save the family.

Out of the Shadows is a terrifying tale of suburban mayhem in the creepy tradition of InsidiousThe Conjuring and The Babadook.