Suck (2009) Movie Review

Suck ( 2009)
91 minutes
directed by:Rob Stefaniuk
E1 Entertainment
reviewer: James DePaolo

In the last six months. I have reviewed two other vampire comedies. One was really fun called Blood on the Highway. And one was absolutely horrid called Vampires Suck. This one is in the middle. It’s the story of a band called The Winners who would do anything to get noticed and be famous. Before they take off on their road trip to go the CMJ convention in NY to play their bassist Jennifer leaves on a date with a vampire. Now, she is a vampire. And, as they start playing more gigs they start getting a little more popular because of their bassist. And soon one by one, the rest of the band want to be vampires.

The cameos. This film has Dave Foley, ( who seems he will do anything for a buck these days) Alice Cooper as a vampire bartender, Iggy Pop who owns a recording studio, Henry Rollins as a radio dj, Alex Lifeson of Rush as a Canadian Officer, Moby as Beef, ( which of all the cameos, Moby was the most fun. Some of his lines like asking Jennifer before sex he hopes she is on the pill and then says you want to meet Little Beef. This is Moby ok, like he acts like this in real life) Malcolm McDowell who plays Van Helsing trying to kill the vampires.

The director/star. This is the genius who did Phil The Alien and starred in it as well, as he does here. Jessica Pare also stars as Jennifer, if you seen Hot Tub Time Machine you are familiar with her. Also, all you Degrassi fans, and we know love Degrassi, it also has Mike Lobel.

Was the movie funny? I think the jokes in the film were hit and miss. The character Hugo had the most laughs to me. Also the Moby scenes were fun. Suck had some smirk moments. As far as laugh out loud, not really. And the music montages were hit and miss. Some were fun, and some really were bad. This is your brain on drugs was one of my ones that stood out to me as just pure goofy fun. The classic rock references scattered around this film were fun. You can tell a fan of music made the film for sure.  The dialogue was fair to below fair at times, the actors tried their best. I mean its a cute little rock and roll comedy vampire movie, by no means original or in the league of best films. But, it was harmless and at the end of the day it kept me occupied enough to be amused a tad bit.

6 out of 10