The Deadly Spawn (1985) (Millennium Edition Blu-Ray) Movie Review

The Deadly Spawn
Directed by Douglas Mckeown
Producer: Ted Bohus
Available from MVD here.
Reviewer: Horrorphilia Jason



The Lowdown: The low budget 80’s creature flick is finally out of blu-ray. But is it really worth the wait?

A meteorite crashes to the Earth in the New Jersey woods. The alien creatures kills the discoverers in the woods and then heads to a house nearby to live in the basement. Slowly (very slowly) the creatures kill the inhabitants of the house until a deadly showdown with a preteen and the remaining teenagers.

Until recently I had never heard of The Deadly Spawn. It had never made it around to my local video store growing up. It was 80’s, it was gory, so that’s all I needed to know to get pumped for this. Unfortunately I can say I was mostly disappointed. Sure it has some bad ass looking creatures and some fantastic kills, it’s just the rest that wasn’t bearable.

The stuff in between the kills is so painfully boring. The banter between the Uncle and the children is mind-numbingly dull. On the special features Ted Bohus admitted a lot of the dialogue was written on the spot, and you can tell. There is also a scene with the Uncle interviewing the horror loving nephew that was semi interesting but was so out of place it was almost laughable. Don’t even get me started on the party at the end involving the neighborhood women. Sure the party ends in mayhem with some cool kills but once again just getting to that part was lame.

What was bad ass, are the creature effects. There is a long scene when the hero kid goes down to the basement and discovers the core giant alien with the three heads and the smaller aliens swimming through the water that was jaw droppingly cool. The prosthetics for the monster and its teeth are some of the coolest shit I’ve ever seen. They had this slime that oozed non stop, that was the perfect touch. Also there was some fantastic kills with bodies being eaten, faces ripped off and other jacked up stuff. The movie did not disappoint in that department.

There’s some great stuff, some lame stuff, so I’m going down the middle and giving this a 5/10 for the movie. The blu-ray has some cool special features including a commentary plus a great old school tv interview session with the producer Ted Bohus. It was corny and cheesy at the same time. The transfer is not terrible but it’s also not very good. Supposedly the Synapse dvd version is a better transfer. I can say without a doubt the audio on the blu-ray is terrible. During a huge portions of the scenes the dialogue was muffled, tinny, and extremely hard to hear. No idea if that’s the fault of the transfer or if there is an issue with the source material.

I’ll be straight up and say rent it first to see if it’s something you would want to purchase. I’m glad I saw it but I don’t expect it to be on any regular rotation in my collection. If you live and breathe monster flicks then it’s a must see, but others beware. The final battle was pretty lame but the final 5 seconds of the film gave me a big grin. Bravo for that.