The Devil Within (2010) Movie Review

The Devil Within
Directed by: Tom Hardy
running time 77 mins
Seminal Films

reviewer: James DePaolo 

Plot:A night of sex, drugs and partying in the Hollywood Hill’s is the perfect setting for Serina’s 18th birthday – until this high school pool party goes horribly wrong when an uninvited guest begins killing everyone. (IMDB)

Review-I read the review on IMDB and the ones on Amazon, all I got to say is..are you guys high? This movie is 77 mins long. The killing don’t start till the 54 min mark. And the kills are so uninspired and lame, that I hated myself for even watching this or much less finishing it. This is the first movie that had hot high school chicks, and nude scenes..and it could not even save any piece of it. The first scene in the movie, a call girl gets killed by a guy, who we find out 4 mins later is a high school principal. All the way to the 54 min mark we have party, high school drama, and just after school special nonsense. If you thought Homecoming was awesome, this movie will be for you. Slow story, boring story. Then, we get the killing..and they are so predictable, and done to death kills. And, I wont spoil anything about the ridiculous twists and turns that happen, that just are so pathetic and lame. The high school kids looked 30. And the dialog in a key scene-” yo where is that weed”  ” its on its way” ” oh man, hold on I think the power is out”. All the music dies and its a total blackout, and he thinks the power is out. If you want a cure for insomnia, this may be it. I never in my life wanted so many hot chicks just to disappear.
0 out of 10

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  1. 0 out of 10 what? if you want to review a movie take in consideration of what they had to spendto make it wow i guess that why they say it's your oppinion

  2. That was a terrible review. You are too lazy to even make up you own synopsis. I dont think i will be coming here to read quality reviews.

  3. No offense to the people who made this movie..I watched the whole movie, I could have easily just shut it off and not reviewed it. If a new horror fan or a PG13 horror fan, watched this who knows they may like it. I hated it. The people who made this movie, at least got some press. And maybe the one fan who wants to see how bad it is.

  4. Name one reviewer or podcast, who give their own synopsis. They either lift it off a website or read a box. And, if you dont want to come here..that is your deal. I will live with or without you. I just wish you would have been man or woman enough to at least show us a name. Let me see, if this is legit, or your just some other podcast or website wanting to throw stones. Like those bitches always do…

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