The Devil’s Ground Movie Review

The Cycle aka The Devil’s Ground
Availabilty: on dvd 05/19/2009
After I saw a good ghost movie then I saw a shitty one. This movie is fucking horrible. I thought it would be decent since it stars Darryl Hannah but boy was I wrong. The acting sucks, the story is lame and the kills are nothing special.
The movie starts off with Daryl Hannah on a road trip for business i think? She narrowly misses a chick thats in the middle of the road. She offers her a ride and the mysterious girl starts to tell her the story of what happened. Its your basic story of her and friends are on a trip to excavate some bones on a dig out in the forest when suddenly they encounter a bunch of rednecks that want to kill them all. The movie flashes back and shows how they all die and how she was the only one that escaped. The last third of the movie reveals that the chick in Darryl Hannah’s car is really a ghost that keeps on reliving the nightmare every year on the same day. Then there is a cheesy twist lame ending after that.
The movie was just horrible. The killings and edits were disjointed, the direction spastic and the movie was just plain boring. Not to mention the main baddie is a no acting WWE reject. Stay away at all cost. On a scale of 1-10 I give this a “take a good dump instead” 2.8 out of 10.