The Scar Crow (2009) Movie Review

The Scar Crow
Directed by Pete Benson and Andy Thompson
Available from MVD
Reviewer: Horrorphilia Jason


The Lowdown: A bloody British supernatural scarecrow/witch film that’s better than you might think.

The Story
Over 300 years, a woman is nearly drowned and then hung for suspicion of being a witch. Her three daughters are left alone raised by their drunken perverted dad. One evening he decides he wants a piece of his youngest daughter, and the sisters team up and kill their father. They get his body and disguise him as a scarecrow, before he finally expires, he curses them to live on their land for all eternity. Skip forward to modern times and 4 men that are dropped in the middle of nowhere for a team building survival exercise, decide to skip out and go to a local pub to drink and party instead. On their way to find a bar, they run into the three voluptuous sisters working on their farm. The men think they are in store for a night of drinking and swimming in poon, instead the women have plans to resurrect their father with the blood and flesh of their victims, so they can end the curse once and for all.

My Thoughts
Scarecrows are freakin creepy. I love horror films that are centered around the straw bound entities, but I’m also glad there aren’t tons of films about them so they won’t get over-saturated like the zombie sub-genre. Husk was a solid entry in 2011 and this is another solid entry for this year (2012). It’s a low budget British movie, but it features some solid cinematography, some cool music, and some great gore scenes.

The acting isn’t awesome, but it’s far from grating or subpar. For a bunch of guys that’s just trying to get laid, they were far from annoying characters like you would expect. The three sisters did a solid job portraying period piece characters, even though only one of them had a chance to show any of the goods. When a big part of the movie’s plot is about seducing horny dudes, I was just expecting more skin to have been shown.

Since there is an obvious supernatural slant there were a few moments of cgi effects with the girls fading in and out that looked kind of silly and unnecessary. But fortunately for the viewer the vast majority of the fx were practical. There isn’t a ton of kills but the gore that’s shown is pretty friggin awesome. There is a penis decapitation (Hey if that’s the head that you primarily think with it can be called a decapitation,) and a truly awesome kill with a dude laying on the bed being eviscerated by the Scarecrow busting through the bottom of the bed and out through the middle of his body. The Scarecrow itself was aiiight looking, your standard burlap sack look but still creepy enough. There were no cornfields which was a little different than what I’m used to, but the locations used including the bar were cool set designs.

The ending was predictable and probably the weakest part of the film but it was by no means bad. The film satisfied my scarecrow thirst, even though I would have preferred more nudity, a few more kills and a little more scarecrow action. Scarecrow fans and even witch fans can both probably find some enjoyment. Definitely worth checking out.

Final Rating: 6.5/10