TSC #05 Friday the 13th Part 5

Join us for the another installment of our 12 Days Of Friday The 13th celebration. We’re breaking it down as never before. The kills, the women, your favorite characters and more! So get your camp fire going, crack open an ice-cold beer and take a trip back to Crystal Lake and witness the birth of Jason Voorhees!

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  1. This was one of my favorite as a kid me and my cousins would have sleepovers we used to keep is one on rewind.. No other horror movie ever made us laugh our asses off like Friday 5 did….. This movie is a one of a Kind …#AClassic memory of my child hood

  2. My favorite character on Friday 5 was Reggie the Reckless… How could u guys not mention him…he's the one character that carried the movie and brought life to it

  3. 5 is way better than 6,7,8,9,10 I don't no what u guys are looking at…. In part 6 Tommy was a completely different person with a totally different personality than he had in 4,5 …he didn't seem like someone who had been traumatized by a mass murderer #Epicfail on that one..then 7 sucked it was like a cheesy rip off of Firestarter meets Jason…. 8,9,10 I won't even waste my time on that trash

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