Tied Up (2004) Movie Review

Tied up

Tied Up
Directed by Jeremy Rubin
Reviewer: Horrorphilia Jason

Literally one of the most annoying movies I’ve ever seen. I know one of the criticisms I probably would get from people that like this movie, is that im too old (36), and I dont get the point of the movie because I cant relate to these kids. Yeah the kids are annoying, and I’ll get to that later but its so much more wrong with this movie than that. The editing, the story, the actors and dialogue also annoyed the hell out of me.

The movie is about this kid Case that makes a plan with his friends and g/f to break into a house, find some hidden cash and leave. But when they get there Case has more planned than what he initially led on. Instead of robbing the joint he decides to beat down and tie up the owner of the house, so he can get revenge for what was done to him.

The movie is shot in a Mtv documentary style thats just so friggin annoying. The editing of the movie is so jarring and just painfully put together. There are these cheesy time lapse sequences with the Asian drug whore of the group walking down the street, that had me scratching my head wondering if they actually thought that was cool looking. None of the kids I cared for or even liked in the slightest. If this is what the average American kids are like then our society is looking at a mighty downfall.

Once they finally get to the house and some action starts to happen there was still nothing interesting to keep your attention. You have a lame torture sequence, an uninteresting lesbian sequence between two chicks that was very untitillating, and a finale that I saw coming a mile away. The only thing that I though was well done was a brutal rape sequence that was well executed and made its point.

I guess Larry Clark is in rare company to be able to film young despicable kids and still make the film interesting. This movie is far from that.
Final Rating: 3.5/10