Time (2011) The Exclusive Movie Review


Written and Directed by Jeffrey Kadavers
Reviewer: Char Hardin

Editor’s Note
This movie is so friggin awesome I contemplated also writing a review for it but Char took the words right out of my mouth. All I can say is believe the hype and every word in this review. I would be shocked if It doesnt end up being #1 on my end of the decade list. Enjoy.

Monsters do exist and they have come out of the closets and from beneath our beds. They walk amongst us and interact with us day by day. BUT what happens when the TIME has come for them to remove their masks and show us their souls? Twisted as all get out, this movie will make even the VILEST pale in comparison!

“Who the hell is Jeffrey Kadaver? I have never heard of him Char…who is he?” Well, he is a man that has been writing, this story for the better part of 4 years. He has sacrificed his morals, wife, and friendships to get his story put to a film. Call me “Cry-Baby” but this movie was so disturbing, it made me cry, not to mention, that I will never want to trust a priest again says it all!

Jeffrey was that kid, all through school, that was picked on and ridiculed and so misunderstood. He shuffled through the years with head and eyes downcast. He was boring and unwanted at home and at school. He withdrew so deep within himself, he felt invisible. His senior year his peers voted him, “Most likely to put gun to his head and pull trigger”. Secretly Jeffrey wanted to put a gun to their heads and pull the trigger of his father’s automatic he had hidden in the garage.

It was in the deepest bowels of his soul, where HIS darkness lived and lay dormant for years before it claimed Jeffrey and enslaved him. The darkness which he affectionately refers to now as “My Little Demon”, has shown him what his future will look like and gives him daily doses of encouragement, on how to ascertain his new goals. Two years ago, the “Demon” became an obsession and Kadaver’s wife left with their two children. And then the Demon said, “It’s TIME!”

The title could mean almost anything. Kadavers feels, “Time sets how one spends their days and nights and my Time spent writing this twisted tale has been long and hard. I want people to see it and be speechless. How could this character be so vicious and where did these ideas come from? My ideas come from my little demon. His name is Jimbeaux. I still remember what and how it felt, being that pathetic teenager, who was ridiculed and bullied by my peers and with fiction, I can unleash myself in ways I never could, as a regular Joe. This is my voice and my way of dealing with all of my life’s bullies. I wished, I had had the balls to stand up sooner, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it with this much intensity and proper techniques. Much less walk away a free man. I would have died by lethal injection…that is if…the prisoners didn’t finish me off first.”

Time is about a priest who becomes fed up with life and doing the righteous and proper things a priest is supposed to do. He listened to confessions of adultery, petty gossipmongers and social issues till he wanted to peal their skin from their bones with his teeth. Something vile and perverse entered his soul one evening; while listening to the ramblings of a young woman complaining that her husband spent all his time on the Internet and ignored her. Father DeMonique SNAPPED. He stepped out of the suddenly suffocating confines of the confessional and opened the second door and reached inside and choked the life from Marissa DiBenadetto and then dragged her body to his office, where he forced himself into every orifice on her dead body. The jubilation of conquering her body and desecrating her temple drove him to new heights. He wanted to dine on her flesh and he did. She was his first and by the end of the movie, she was most certainly not his last.

OMG! This was one fucked up priest. He was on fire and it wasn’t a holy fire to consume the flesh of men and women who came to him to confess their trivial sins. He felt he was helping rid the world of filth and not including himself, because he was ordained by God. But he also feels and told one victim before he ignited her body with flames. “I am the way to eternal enlightenment. Chrissie after I cook your flesh, I am going to dine on it. By consuming your cooked flesh, I am absolving you of all your sins. And my dear sweet Chrissie, as your flesh passes through my body, your soul will take flight. Our Heavenly Sovereign awaits you at the Gates of Heaven tonight.” Then WOOSH he lit her up!
Father DeMonique had another fetish…S & M was a hobby, he would have to go out of town to participate with others who shared his lust for sexual dominance and taste the earthly delights at a special club for people of this persuasion, called THE HOLE.

IF you are the in the least be interested in graphic movies TIME delivers powerfully graphic scenes. IF you get your rocks off watching HOT women demeaned and taken for a ride on the old LOVEJOY stick, then TIME is for you. IF the sight of a human body RIPPED open in a VICIOUS VISCERAL dinner plate displayed for hungry mouths everywhere…THEN TIME IS FOR YOU!

Jeffrey Kadaver promises TIME to be the horror movie that will open new doors of HORROR to a NEW GENERATION of HORROR FRIGHT SEEKERS and for generations to come.

TIME is the most BLOODY DISGUSTING, Opened WOUND that has EVER TAINTED a television or computer screen and it can only be viewed at HORRORPHILIA.COM courtesy of that Crazy 10 Giver…CHAR!

What? CHAR? How did SHE get an exclusive copy? Why would an up and coming new writer/director submit his exclusive copy to HER?



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