TSC 114 Creepshow Retrospective

Show 114 BannerCreepshow Retrospective

0:00 – 27:00
Show intro, what have Jamie and Dave been up to during the 4 month break the crew took? They both started their own podcast! Alex got married and bought a house, Jamie got engaged on Alex’s wedding day. All 3 of them are getting married on a Friday the 13th? Dave’s ex wife destroys his horror collectibles.

28:00 – 2:50:30
Creepshow 1982 Review

2:51:00 – 3:22:00
The Crew wraps up the show with a little more talk on Mike parting ways. That and much much more!

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  1. I'm right with you in that I am a total geek for Creepshow. I've got a tattoo of Nathan Grantham on my right shoulder, tons of posters and such, and way too much knowledge of it. Anyhow, I have an annual tradition of watching it every Father's Day with friends and family.

    For 2015 we threw a large party for the viewing. Thought you might like the pics.

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